The sudden surge of immigrants in Iceland has brought about unprecedented changes. Research on the social, economic, and cultural changes now underway is of vital importance. Icelandic migration and immigration studies are scarce. Experience in other neighboring countries shows that immigration is more often than not a bone of fierce political contention and if not handled carefully a cause for serious social clashes. This fact underscores the need for systematic and focused research that in turn can inform political discourse on immigration and provide guidelines for the ongoing process of integration.

The aim of CIRRA is to foster a stimulating and creative research environment, sustaining collaboration and the exchange of ideas between researchers in different parts of the world.

CIRRAĺs research scope includes international migration (patterns, processes, interventions and consequences); policies and political agendas concerning immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers; racism, discrimination and different world views; Multi-culturalism and diversity; and integration into the welfare society.