What is CIRRA ľ Center for Immigration Reseach Reykjavik Academy?

CIRRA was founded the fall of 2006. As the name indicates CIRRA is a research center with a primary focus on immigration and international migration. In addition to research, information and data collection, CIRRA acts as a bridge/link between institutions in Iceland that serve immigrants and the research community. This is a very important relation and enables a collaboration both between the service institutes themselves as well as between them and the research community. An association of this kind is at the interests of everyone working within the field. CIRRA also co-operates on an international level with similar research institutes and universities.
CIRRA is an independent institution with its own ruling committee.

CIRRA┤s chair is HallfrÝ­ur ١rarinsdˇttir Ph.D. (a.k.a Frida Thorarins)